I came here after moving back home to VA and being a stay-at-home mom and volunteer for nine years. I’m very grateful for BSB taking me in and giving me a chance after I had been out of the work force for so long. I started out here as a receptionist for several years and then was encouraged to take some accounting classes which I did, and then moved over to the tax side of the firm, took the EA exam and actually passed it, and have loved it here ever since.

One of the main reasons I stay here is because of the people I work with – our team, friendliness, comradery, helpfulness, professionalism, and experience. We have a great group here at BSB!
A lot of people just don’t understand or even want to be bothered with taxes, and we can help. I love being able to help clients who need our expertise. We have a lot of wonderful and interesting clients that we work with.
The hours and flexibility here are great. We know when they are and can plan for our deadlines and busy seasons. The long hours during tax season are worth it when there is an end in sight, and then we get to take Fridays off in the summer to catch up on all the things that we didn’t get done during busy season.
Our location is perfect. I have a great commute of only seven miles and don’t have to deal with the headache of driving into DC every day.
We have fun tax season activities to relieve the stress and also have outings and happy hours to look forward to.
Even though it can be hard to learn new programs in busy season, we stay current with technology. There is always something new to learn. It is never just dull routine around here, and we get a feeling of accomplishment daily. We have a variety of work here, and each job is unique.
I like our review process because the returns we prepare go on to a reviewer with another set of eyes to check our work before the returns go back out to our clients. I appreciate that they care and teach us how to do things correctly rather than just let us sink or swim. I have a great mentor and colleagues who give me encouragement, caring, and teaching.
We aren’t just a bunch of snobby, stuffy accountants but are actually a fun and caring group that is really like family, especially since we all spend so much of our time together.
-Lynn Gabriel,EA