• Partner, Web Retailer

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Burdette Smith & Bish over the last two years. The individualized attention I have received has been nothing short of exceptional. They have identified multiple tax-savings strategies our previous CPAs did not uncover. Also, the time and effort they put into my return gives me the peace of mind I need to focus on my business rather than my taxes. All of the plaudits and recognition they receive is certainly well-deserved. They truly are ‘not your average CPA Firm.’ “

    • Owner, Child Care Center

      “As a small business owner, taxes can be confusing and overwhelming. I am so glad I was referred to Burdette Smith & Bish, LLC. They have been lifesavers, answering all of my many questions in layman’s terms, treating me alike a person, and not just another client. They understand my struggles as a business owner and encourage me at every chance. I highly recommend BSB and I am grateful for their services.”

      • Government Contractor

        I came to BSB initially for corporate tax help. That was 10 years ago. I am using BSB more now than ever. As my company evolved, BSB was able to grow right along side of it. Tom Crutchfield at BSB, has been very knowledgable and great resource for Consequent Solutions for tax, accounting, and auditing related services.

        • Michael Delpierre

          Conversion Pipeline

          As an owner of a rapidly growing small business, we needed an experienced bookkeeping & business advisory partner to keep up with all of the changes my organization was going through. We found that partner in Burdette, Smith & Bish. They are an integrated part of our team and an invaluable resource for us as we go through our growth phase.