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BSB Reigns as 2018 Champion in Fairfax Adult Softball (FAS) League

We finally did it! BSB finished the 2018 softball season as league champions with a 13-1 record, their first winning season. We interviewed Kevin Hamaker, our talented coach, to get his take on how BSB achieved this lofty and well-earned honor. His response was:

  • Todd, one of our ace pitchers, scared the opposing sluggers with his Hannibal Lector mask.
  • Practice?! You’re talking about practice…who needs practice? Not BSB…
  • BSB looked good and played well the whole season thanks to our professional uniforms.
  • This was the first season we finished with no injuries on the team.  #1 softball

We are excited to share this headline news with all BSB team members and our clients. We appreciate the players and fans who helped lead and support us to our first championship! Our current championship plaque is hanging outside of Kevin’s office. We hope to have many more added to that wall in the coming seasons.