The recent passing of the new GOP tax plan pushed to decrease itemized deductions on federal income tax returns. In the plan that starts in 2018, taxpayers can deduct only up to $10,000 in state, local and property taxes. This resulted in thousands of Americans rushing to prepay their 2018 property taxes in hopes of possibly deducting these prepayments. But soon after, the IRS issued an official statement to clarify the issue – taxpayers may only claim their deductions for 2018 on their property taxes if that tax was “assessed” during the 2017 calendar year. This resulted in many property owners who paid thousands of dollars months ahead, and who will not be able to claim their deduction on their 2017 tax returns. If you are a Northern Virginia taxpayer who prepaid your real estate tax for 2018 and would like to seek a refund, please following the directions below for your specific county’s procedure:


Fairfax County:

Send an email to

Please provide the following information in the email:

1    Payment type

2    Method of payment

3    Amount

4    Map#, property#, or address


Customers who made prepayments may request refunds by contacting the city’s Treasury Division at or 703-746-3902. Read more here


Taxpayers who want their money back have to submit a request in writing to the Office Of The County Treasurer, and it may take as long as six weeks for the refund. Read more here

Loudoun County:

The Treasurer’s office has stated that they will not be issuing any refunds for 2018 taxes paid in advance. Read more here 


Please contact us at or 703.591.5200 if you have any question or concerns regarding your property tax.