BSB COVID19 Resources for the Private Sector

General Information

FEMA Webpages

COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Business Guidance

Other Information

Aggregation of State Resources

CDC Cases in US:

  • State COVID-19 Webpages: on US map, click a state to access respective COVID-19 page

National Governors Association:

  • Count of State Cases Reported
  • State Actions to Include:
    • Emergency Declarations
    • National Guard Activations
    • Limits on Large Gatherings
    • Statewide School Closures
    • Closure of Non-Essential Business
    • Additional State Declarations & Actions

American Trucking Association:

  • Federal Declarations
  • State Declarations
  • Truckstop/Parking

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin:

  • Federal Waiver: of 49 CFR Parts 390 through 399
  • State Declarations & Waivers

Healthcare Ready:

  • Healthcare Sector Resources
  • State Emergency Declarations

Food Marketing Institute:

  • State Hours of Service Waivers
  • State Weight Limit Wavers

COVID-19 Geospatial Resources:,39.3355&level=2

  • State GIS Portals
  • State Websites

State EOC Listing:

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