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Financial Planning

Successful people often wonder how much money is enough to provide for comfortable retirement living. What should the goal for my portfolio be? Am I doing enough to meet those goals — can and should I do more?

At Burdette Smith & Bish LLC, we’ll help you assess your current financial situation, develop goals for achieving financial security, and evaluate the appropriate use of financial vehicles utilized for a successful financial plan.  We’ll help you focus on the end goal of financial freedom by implementing a solid plan and monitoring progress towards your desired results.

Local Financial Planning Firm

In conjunction with our role as a trusted advisor in financial reporting, income tax compliance and planning, and consulting services for successful businesses, we strive to leverage that trust into successful financial results.  Our broad experience serving the business community will be at your disposal. We’ll coordinate personal financial planning, estate and gift tax planning, along with trust accounting and administration, toward the goal of a secure financial future. Additionally, with the ever rising cost of educating children, we’ll work with you to plan for funding those costs in the most tax advantaged setting. Understanding the flexibility and requirements offered by college savings accounts in educating the next generation and savings taxes at the same time.

Do you already have a financial consultant? Do you already have an attorney? We’ll work with those professionals to coordinate all that we know about your income and deductions from our efforts as your tax preparer. We believe that we are uniquely positioned bring together your team to strive for your goal of financial security. If a relationship with a financial advisor or an experienced attorney is needed, we have a strong network of professionals that can be brought on board during your journey towards financial freedom.

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