BSB would like to congratulate the following audit staff members for their success in passing the Single Audit Certificate Program:

  • Kevin Hamaker, CPA Manager -Advanced Single Audit Certificate Exam
  • Haley Betz, Senior Accountant – Intermediate Single Audit Certificate Exam
  • Mitchell Woo, CPA Staff Accountant – Intermediate Single Audit Certificate Exam

Kevin, Haley, and Mitchell are valued members of our audit team and we would like to extend our congratulations for their hard work and their contributions to the success of our single audit practice. BSB is committed to providing our clients quality service, and we do that through our superior team. Read more about Single Audit Here

According to AICPA “The Advanced Single Audit Certificate requires the ability to evaluate and analyze the core concepts related to client acceptance, engagement planning, engagement analysis, concluding an engagement and guiding principles for single audits at an advanced level as outlined in the AICPA Competency Framework: Governmental Auditing.