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Scam Alert! Don’t Fall Prey to Financial Scams.

One of BSB’s own employees experienced this nanny scam first hand and we want to make sure our clients don’t fall prey to financial scams – so we are spreading the word!

Avoid Financial Scam Getting tired of hearing about different scams?  There are new ones coming about every day and it seems even the well-informed get weary of trying to stay on top of them.  I have a brief story to tell in order to let you know about yet one more.

My daughter comes back from her first year of college and we, her parents, put pressure on her to find a summer job.  She tries many websites to begin her search.  In that process she created a profile on a national babysitting website.  She gets contacted by a mother of two children who wanted to hire her (without even meeting her).  The first indication of concern was that the email was not hosted on the main babysitting website as others were; this email came to her personal one.

The Story is this:  The woman is from out of town and needed help setting up the house when she moved to the area and afterward would pay good money for the babysitter to care for her children.  The hours were flexible and the money was good. (Too good) After some additional email exchanges, the woman said her banker or financier would send money in advance. The check that came was federal expressed and was a few thousand dollars more than expected!  With the help of the below website and a hypervigilant mother, my daughter did not deposit the check, and did not fall prey to the scam. If the scammer had their way, the babysitter would deposit the money and the “mother”/employer tells the babysitter that they have to wire the difference back immediately.  Ultimately, the check bounces after the wire occurs – leaving the babysitter out the money of the wire transfer. Adding insult to injury, the babysitter would also incur the bounce fees from the bank.

Don’t let your children/friends/family fall prey to this scam! Share this post and help others.


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