As a “seasoned” 20 year veteran of BSB, I arrived on the scene back in 1994, after spending time in both public and private practice.

When I graduated from Northeast Missouri State University (now renamed Truman University) with my Master of Accountancy in 1985, I went to work for Price Waterhouse- Chicago’s audit department at the high starting salary of $19K. It was exciting to make SO MUCH MONEY! In retrospect, considering the long hours we worked, I figure I was making a little less than today’s minimum wage!  After three years in Big 8 public accounting, I was hired into private practice by a client, LaSalle Partners, and remained there for four years. I left the workforce in 1992, when my first son was born and our family relocated to Kansas City.

Shortly after relocating to Vienna, VA in 1994, my next-door neighbor, a client of a small CPA firm, suggested I contact some guy named Tom Burdette regarding potential part-time employment. With no resume in hand, and a skeptical attitude that a public accounting firm would actually deliver on a promise to work only 24 hours per week, I walked through the doors of 3975 University Drive in Fairfax, VA and the rest is history!

Working at Burdette Smith and Bish has been an incredible opportunity to balance a career, family and friendships.  This firm provided the flexibility I needed to raise my two children; the education and work experience to succeed as an Audit Manager; and the friendships, both with colleagues and clients, to make coming to work fun!

Tom Burdette once told me that his goal for the Firm was to make it the kind of environment that would be tough to leave.  Having begun my 3rd decade with the Firm, I would say without question, that he has certainly succeeded.


Susan Ranck, CPA