This year Burdette Smith & Bish, LLC (BSB) celebrates 40 years as a Fairfax, Virginia business. A combination of two different firms, each started in 1978 by partners, Tom Burdette and Charlie Bish, we are proud to celebrate with our stellar staff and wonderful clients. Thank you to both, as we couldn’t have enjoyed the ride that we’ve had without you. It has been, and continues to be, the real American Dream!

Life was very different in 1978, and had we known then what we know now…all our work was done with pencils, paper, and our trusty “10-keys.” (Computers were years away.) We researched using our private library of 50-pound tomes, proudly exhibited not only to impress future clients, but to be within reach at all times. Our receptionists took messages for us as there was no email or telephone message machine. Those phones had cords. Our cars, respectively a Ford Mustang and a Toyota Corolla, were driven by engines, not computers. We visited with clients in-person (their place or ours) to transfer information, or we used the US Post Office to get us the needed support.

Fast forward to 2018, with our 3-screen desktops, laptops, sophisticated programs to calculate financial statements and tax returns, and provide global research, answering machines, email, etc. The speed at which we work has exponentially grown with all the enhanced technology, and the volume of information we can process has grown with it. We proudly drive computers both off and on the road!

What remains the same, however, is the quality of our team (many originals are still here!), and our clients. Those relationships have driven this firm from two fresh-faced, eager entrepreneurs, to the best 52-person firm in Fairfax today. It has also led us to you, our client. We appreciate your trust, and your business, and will continue to provide the best service possible…for at least another 40 years!