Tax season has arrived! For tax year 2017, the individual and corporate tax return deadline Is April 17, 2018, allowing two additional days to either file, or extend. (Remember, however, if you file an extension, any tax owed will be due by October  15, 2018.) For S-Corps and Partnerships, the filing deadline is March 15, 2018, right around the corner. Again, you can file an extension, which will give you until September 15, 2018 to file.

The table below lists the tax year 2017 original and extended due dates for each type of entity.

Type   Due Date Extended Due Dates 
Partnership (Form 1065)

S Corporations (Form 1120S)

 March 15, 2018  September 17, 2018
Individuals (Form 1040)

C Corporations (Form 1120)

April 17, 2018
 October 15, 2018
 Trusts and Estates (Form 1041)
April 17, 2018
 October 1, 2018
Tax Exempt Organizations (Form 990)
 May 15, 2018  November 15, 2018
 Employee Benefit Plan (Form 5500)  July 31, 2018  October 15, 2018


Additional Notes:

  • The tax return due date for individuals and corporations typically falls on the fifteenth day of the fourth month of the company’s fiscal year.
  • Tax return due date for flow-through entities such as S Corporation or LLC is the fifteenth day of the third month of the company’s fiscal year.
  • Employee Benefit Plan due dates fall on the last day of the seventh month after the plan year ends (July 31 for a calendar-year plan).
  • Exempt organizations must file taxes on the fifteenth day of the fifth month of the organization’s fiscal year. Also, exempt organizations only receive a 3 month of extension, unlike other entities which receive 6 months.

If you have any questions about these due dates or on your upcoming tax return, please contact one of our tax professionals at 703-591-5200.